Crisis Management

Crisis management or Resilience Management prepares the organization for adversities and involves culture, planning, training and exercise.

WePlanBefore uses the 2P2R methodology, which includes:

  • Prevention
  • Preparation
  • Response
  • Recovery

We carry out and deliver:

  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Crisis Management Plan
  • Crisis Communication Plan
  • Monitoring of threats, risks and crises
  • Training and Simulations

The future of companies requires being prepared for adversity. With planning, risk monitoring and well-defined activation flows, the response to the most different scenarios becomes agile, fast and assertive. For this, reach out to WePlanBefore.

How do we do Crisis Management?

By planning and understanding business demands, we focus on preparing corporate governance to prevent, mitigate and avoid risks and crises.

Our deliveries include:

  • Crisis Committee
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Contingency plan
  • Crisis Communication Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Crisis Management Plan for Social Media
  • Crisis Monitoring
  • Definition and preparation of Spokesperson (Media Training)
  • Training and Simulations
  • War Room

Everything so that you and your team are prepared for the most diverse situations. Learn more by scheduling a meeting.

Intelligence and Situation Room

A company's reputation, operation and sustainability may be affected by various threats and risks, whether internal or external, involving customers, clients, suppliers, employees, shareholders, regulatory bodies, the media, civil society and government.

Based on FEMA's Incident Command System (ICS), WePlanBefore has a solution to deal with these challenges: the implementation of an Intelligencia and Situation Room in response to the crisis (SIRC), for prevention, preparation and daily 360º monitoring of risks inherent in the organization.

The Room is a physical or virtual environment, where information is systematically analysed based on the 2Ps and 2Rs methodology, developed by WePlanBefore. This methodology provides guidelines for:

  • Prevention, by acting to mitigate threats and risks to define those that will be accepted or transferred;
  • Preparedness, which is the use of intelligence to plan actions in response to unmitigated or unknown risks;
  • Response, in the creation of mechanisms to decide quickly, act assertively and efficiently mobilize the teams involved;
  • Recovery, which translates into exploring the mechanisms that will ensure the rapid recovery of critical elements with the least impact on the business.

The methodology is in line with the good practices and frameworks of institutes internationally recognized as references for risk and crisis management, using an Incident Command System (ICS), a management model developed for command, control and coordination in response to an emergency with the objective of stabilizing the incident and protecting life, property and the environment.

What do we do to implement SIRC?

Crisis Management:

  • Preparation and Review of Plans
  • Preparation and Review of Protocols and Policies

Strategic monitoring:

  • Mapping of contributing factors and threats
  • Monitoring according to the organisation/risk/Stakeholders
  • Reports and daily actions.

Notification and activation:

  • Calculation
  • Analysis
  • Assessment
  • Risk Rating
  • Alert warning

Activation of the Response Committee:

  • Understanding the impact
  • Action planning

Response actions:

  • Execution of actions
  • Referrals
  • Follow-up meeting

Desmobilization of the crisis:

  • Assessment
  • Debriefing


  • Monitoring

Intelligence on risks, incidents and crises creates a resilient organization capable of containing and mitigating risks. WPB is a consultancy especialized in crisis management, offering data-based solutions in line with good practices and international frameworks.

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